Lindsay Bareham follows the finest chocolate Easter Egg Trail for SAGA

Easter Eggs

  1. Chocolate Rock Chicks, 150g, £17, Demarquette (02073515467,
  2. Choconchoc white chocolate bunny, 120g, £6.50, selected branches of Waitrose (0800 188884,
  3. Dark or milk chocolate Dirty Bunnies with chocolate droppings, 125g, £7-50, Rococo Chocolates (020 8761 8456,
  4. Three solid milk and white chocolate lambs, 60g, £4.95, 8ettys (01423 814008,
  5. Monty Bojangles Belgian Chocolate Buttons, 400g, £18.49, Waitrose (as before).
  6. Dark chocolate egg flavoured with rose oil, 180g, £13.95, Bettys (as before).
  7. Japanese bird hand-painted on white chocolate egg, 220g, £30, Rococo Chocolates (as before).
  8. Stas apple strudel milk chocolate egg, 175g, £8, Waitrose (as before).
  9. Lola, from Enric Rovira’s Quadrant range of huge, handmade cube-shaped eggs, 570g, £39.95, Harrods (020 7730 1234,

via SAGA magazine

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