Junko Miyogawa includes Rococo in her latest book: “Paris & London in One Week”

Junko is a senior lecturer in Japan’s prestigious florists school, Hanahiro Preserved Academy. She has published two successful books in the last 3 years, one of which is currently on the 4th prints. She studied at Jane Packer and Constance Spry, then worked in Edward Goodyear, the royal warrant holder, in England, before her interests took her for further trainings in Paris.

Junko is largely considered a style icon, her blogs are followed by many thousands of Japanese female fans. She regularly contributes to Japanese magazines.

ROCOCO CHOCOLATES is one of her favourite shops in London, and she has included them in her new book, Paris & London in One Week – In Search of Flowers Sundries and Gourmet Food, as a top shopping spot in London.

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