Celebrate Halloween with Pumpkins, Cats and Ghouls made of Chocolate

Halloween, the night before All Saints Day, is when the veil between living and dead is supposed to be thinnest, when the dead can revisit the earth and ghosts and witches are at their most active. Today we mix superstition with celebration, and Rococo Chocolates is joining in the fun with pumpkins, cats and ghouls all made of chocolate. All treats, no tricks!

Four thin chocolate discs in milk, white and dark chocolate hand-painted with spooky bat, pumpkin, ghost and skull designs. Retails at £10.95 (70g).

Midnight, Rococo’s spooky black cat, will delight any cat-lover. Lovingly hand-painted, he contains dark and white chocolate and retails at £14.25 (125g).

Not your traditional Jack-O-Lantern! Rococo’s hollow pumpkin filled with mandarin confite mini-pumpkins is made from Rococo’s fine dark chocolate blend covered in a thin layer of hand-painted white chocolate. £22.50 ( 200g).


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