Good Housekeeping finds surprise Easter Egg winner

A supermarket Easter egg has beaten luxury brands to be named best overall in an annual test by the Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI).

The £7 Tesco Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg with Cornish Clotted Cream Fudge and Honeycomb scored 82 out of 100 in the test, beating off competition from luxury brands including Rococo and Bettys.

GHI experts and tasters tested 68 different chocolate eggs ranging in price from £1.20 to £16.

Judges considered its availability as part of the retailer’s ‘two for £10’ offer, making it a £5 egg compared to the £16 fifth-placed Rococo egg, the most expensive in the test.

While it’s disappointing not to win first place, it’s even sadder to see a reputable test institute allowing marketing hype to influence their decision making, not to mention that they clearly prefer milk.

You can see how seriously Good Housekeeping undertook their testing here:

via Tesco’s Easter Egg tops the taste test | Mail Online.


  • Reply March 8, 2011

    Dani Policane

    Could it be, and this is only a suggestion, that the Tesco egg was actually better than yours and that the comments are simply sour grapes on your part. Your argument would have more weight if you had come 2nd, but there were 3other eggs ahead of yours apart from the Tesco egg. Take it on the chin and try to do better next time.

  • Reply March 8, 2011


    Thanks Dani, really. We’re so used to winning we need to learn how to lose more graciously, and to learn from the experience. And be kinder to milk lovers 🙂

  • Reply April 15, 2011

    Frances Lyle

    Tesco egg looks cheep to me. Love your chocolates Roccoco. Sorry GH you don’t know what you are talking about.

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