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Calligraphy-cum-textile artist Rosalind Wyatt is hosting Gallery of Words in a pop-up shop at 29 South Audley Street, London from 1-18 June

The event is designed as a celebration of the written word in all its forms – from calligraphy and collage to recordings and performance sessions – but the main attraction is Wyatt’s own work. Trained in both constructed textiles and calligraphy, her work neatly combines both interests as she meticulously embroiders texts onto fabrics and costumes. The materials are often antiques and are carefully chosen to complement each text, the two working together to tell stories about past figures. For example,_ The Stitch Lives of Others_, brings to life episodes from her family history; she’s collaged old letters and fabrics on to clothes belonging to various family members and then over-embroidered them with further text about their (often fascinating) lives. Another piece, a pair of white satin Edwardian shoes, are embroidered with the story of Mary Pearse, a pauper who lived a hundred years before the shoes were made and who couldn’t have possibly afforded such elegant footwear. Also on show are a selection of her embroidered love letters and an Edwardian door collaged with snippets of calligraphy and embroidery telling the story of the South Audley Street house.

A programme of events during the three weeks includes performances by Michelle Roche of the Wonder Club and demonstrations by Chantal Coady of Rococo Chocolates who will be writing in chocolate.

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