FT weekend supplement 23 April 2011 interviews Chantal about her Royal Wedding inspiration

Though it’s possibly unlikely we will see an edible classic emerge from this royal event, as coronation chicken did in 1953 for the crowning of Queen Elizabeth II, there have been some imaginative attempts to celebrate William and Kate’s forthcoming union.

Chantal Coady, founder of upmarket chocolate company Rococo, also felt moved to put a royal spin on a new product. “We did a chocolate bar for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee which was very successful” she says. “This was much more of a challenge. [William and Kate] are both quite private people and we know much less about them … In the end, we drew inspiration from their engagement in Africa.” And so the chocolate box features the happy couple in a jaunty biplane flying past a Mount Kilimanjaro sunset. The image was painted by Coady herself, who designs and creates all Rococo’s packaging. “It must have taken the best part of two weeks to get the design finished, I do hope that it’s something people will want to keep after the wedding is over.”

Indeed, it’s the royal wedding chocolate boxes and biscuit tins that traditionally outlive the marriages they celebrate.

via FT weekend supplement

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