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DARK chocolate may be as good for health as exercise, say scientists. They have found it contains an ingredient that boosts muscles in a similar way to using a running machine in the gym.

Researchers made the discovery while studying the effects of a compound called epicatechin – found in cocoa – on mice. They observed the mice’s en­­­­­ergy levels soared and they were able to ­exercise longer.

Now the team wants to see if the compound has a similar effect on humans in the hope that it can counteract age-related muscle wasting. The study involved mice being fed epicatechin with another group given the compound plus treadmill training and a third only used the treadmill.

US research leader Dr Moh Malek said: “Those getting only epicatechin had a significantly better muscle performance and took longer to tire than those that only exercised.

Dr Malek, of Wayne State University in Detroit, added: “We hope to identify in future if humans could get the same benefits as mice.”

Chantal Coady, founder of Rococo Chocolates, said: “It is known chocolate has medicinal benefits as well as being ­delicious.” And Cadbury said: “This seems to show that a little bit of what you fancy really can do you good.”

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