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One of the biggest problems parents have when booking events for kids is not only their suitability and safety but also will they disrupt their surroundings. So what I’ve done is tried to have a look at a range of events that are specifically labelled as “chocolate making parties for kids” – there can be no ambiguity with that then. Also, with kids you wouldn’t want to drive too far or rely too heavily on public transport, so I’ve categorised the chocolate making days by location.

Rococo are awesome chocolatiers and run chocolate making parties for kids where your child can make various fine chocolate treats including chocolate bars, learning how to paint chocolate (they create absolutely fantastic chocolate art).

They’re definitely at the upper, or more exclusive end of the market, and the price reflects that. A 90 minute session will cost £50 per head and can take about 12 children or up to 24 if they close the shop.

Like most chocolate making parties, they aim at children from seven to twelve. But for this one I expect they’d prefer better behaved children than some of the other providers.
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