Chelsea Antique Pink Hat Box from The Real Flower Company with Rococo Chocolate Wafers

Pink Flowers

A glorious bouquet of some of our finest scented garden roses tied with, mint, oregano and rosemary and finished with garden foliage. Presented in one of uniquely designed round hat boxes, this bouquet makes a wonderful present as lifting the lid on the hat box releases the wonderful perfume of the bouquet. This bouquet can be delivered with a box of fabulous milk chocolate rose wafers from the brilliant Rococo chocolates or one of our beautiful garden rose candles or even both! 

  • Antique Pink Hat Box  £110.00
  • Hat Box with Rose Candle  £140.00
  • Hat Box with Rose Choc  £122.00
  • HatBox, Candle and Chocs  £152.00

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