Cheese & chocolate combinations at Motcomb St Party

Motcomb St Party

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Last week was the Motcomb St summer party – to raise money for 2 great charities – its an annual bunfight that has been going on for some years organised by Philip Lawless of Motcomb’s Restaurant and last year raised a staggering £44,000 for charity.

Since 4,000 people came to the party in 2010, we thought we should have our own small party to celebrate – a bit of a VIP box to watch the revellers, and we closed the shop at 6.30 to avoid a pitch invasion. Of course all the party goers are lovely people, so no suggestion of any bad behaviour, just wanting to keep a bit of calm for ourselves, our best customers and a few old friends.

The girls decided to serve some extreme chocolate canapes see below for some of the combos

  1. Chilly truffles + Brie de Meaux – creamy, spicy fresh truffles with cheese on a stick – delicious melting combination with just a small amount of heat from the truffle.
  2. Orange wafers + Italian blue cheese – huge hit esp with the revellers outside, who got to taste them at the end!
  3. Passion fruit & lime wafers + Manchego – semi hard mature Spanish cheese, normally eaten with quince paste, this worked beautifully withe the thin fruity chocolate wafer.
  4. 65%dark wafers+ Ossau Iraty Pyrenean sheeps milk cheese – two subtle and delicate flavours, our 65% organic wafer, with some of the Grenada Grococo chocolate in the blend, and the gentle soft sheep’s cheese which is a family favourite of ours
  5. Sea salt wafers+ soft English goat’s cheese. This one is always such a winning and surprising pairing – the sea salt wafers are one of best sellers, made using Haelon Mon Anglesea sea salt and the fresh, slighly tangy goat’s cheese setting off the sweet and salt of the wafers – was given top marks by all who sampled her…

Served with light red Burgundy, a Beaujolais and a New Zealand sauvignon blanc.

Great party and if you would like to come next year – please email [email protected] to register your interest, or if you would like us to organise a similar event for you or your company.

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