Chantal in World Cities Bright Lights, Huge City

“I do sometimes get asked to do some funny things, this was one of those days – my instructions were to come to King’s Cross for a photoshoot, to dress up a bit, high heels etc –  The was a shoot organised by Andrew Derrick of Socrates, photo taken by Joakim Blokstrom for the marketing campaign for the 60 acre King’s Cross development and the eclectic bunch of Londoners representing the Arts and Culture…
looked out across the expanse of space waiting to be built on and spied my special piece of land, a hidden gem where I had my bee-keeping training hive last summer on the Camley St Natural Park – anyone in that area looking for some green space and nature should take a look  – in the 27 years since its inception, a coal yard between King’s Cross, St Pancras and the Regent’s canal has been transformed into a beautiful wild space, full of plants, trees, water, wild animals and children learning about nature in the heart of London… I love it, and it will always be a special place for me, as it will be forever connected with my first bee hive. Here is the photo for anyone who might be interested”

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