Celebrate Easter the Rococo way

Easter Egg

Did you know Easter can be traced back to celebrations and feasts held in honour of the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre?

In keeping with the festive spirit – feast your eyes on the bountiful Easter offerings we have in our Rococo online store.

Discover the silky chocolatey goodness hidden inside our cracking set of Half Dozen Real Hen’s Eggs – with egg box and all. They even come with instructions on how you can enjoy them hot or cold!

The phrase ‘mad as a March hare’ is said to refer to the dramatic fighting rituals of the male hares during spring time.
However you won’t see our Hand Painted Gentleman Hare instigating a round of fisty-cuffs, he is far too sweet for that!

Our Workaholic Chickens and Dirty Bunnies are a fantastic tongue in cheek gifts and already proving to be firm Easter favourites.

Whatever you are looking for milk, dark, white, sugar free, for him for her or for the kids you can discover more Easter delights in our online store.

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