BBC News – Cocoa highs hit chocolate makers



So far, sales have held up well in this difficult economic climate. Chocolate is seen as an affordable luxury and is often cushioned from shopping basket cutbacks.

But if prices continue to rise, customers will switch to cheaper brands in much greater numbers.

So high-end chocolatiers have had to work hard to keep customers.

Rococo chocolates saw a big dip in sales during the financial crisis but they have since bounced back.

“The price of cocoa, like the price of oil, keeps going up and up and up,” said Chantal Coady, Rococo’s founder and creative director.

“We have worked very hard to limit retail price rises but we have also found that once people have acquired a taste for really fantastic chocolate it is quite hard to go back, a bit like wine, probably.”

She adds that although people may be coming a little less often, they are still spending.

via BBC News – Cocoa highs hit chocolate makers.

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