A little dream of chocolate with Rococo | London: Tea Time in Wonderland

I remember a time when the definition of British chocolate was Cadbury. In the last few years, the cacao universe has developped wonderfully and rivals easily with the continent’s. So much, that I can find a chocolate heaven in any neigbourhood my errands take me to.

In Belgravia, I will always make a special detour via Rococo – as much for their treats than for their tiny-but-cute Mediterranean garden.

So what will you melt for? The peony chocolate, which floral touch lingers on the tastebud. The blackcurrant-violet ganache, a great replacement for desert, both strong and sweet.  You will not resist collecting the whole bar range – it just asks to be tasted: orange-geranium, Arabic spices, Basil-Persian lime… The wafers are quite something too, heaven in a bite. Try the ginger or cardamom ones with a vanilla ice-cream. How, and don’t forget the white chocolate with whole raspberries or strawberries. You’ll be spoilt for choice and will want to buy half the shop under the pretence of gift for friends and family (in fact hoping they will share). The toughest mother-in-law would adore you for those. My tip? Put as many mini-bars as you can in your handbag: the best survival kit for challenging days!

via A little dream of chocolate with Rococo | London: Tea Time in Wonderland.

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