World’s top ten brands of chocolate chocolate

Unfortunately this list seems to run out after at number 9, but we’re very proud to have got a mention after learning Tesco are dominating the fair trade market yesterday. Of course this list is of rather dubious provenance, and seems to confuse the US with the UK! On a serious note, we have a fanatical following in Japan, and we’ve heard that chocolate is being tasted for the first time by millions of Chinese, so much so there are doubts about whether current production rates can meet global demand. Hopefully some of the poorer farmers will benefit, and new plantations will be sustainable – Cocoa is almost impossible to farm on an industrial scale as it thrives in a forest environment where other tress provide shade and other symbiotic benefits.

China Ten chocolate brand Bang Zhongbang:

  1. Dove Chocolate (China Well-known trademarks, Chinese chocolate brand)
  2. Le Conte Chocolate (Chinese brand, China’s leading brands of chocolate)
  3. Ferrero Rocher chocolates (beginning in 1946, Italy, world-renowned multinational corporations)
  4. Mu yarn chocolate (well-known brand)
  5. premium chocolate (China famous brand, started in 1984, world famous brand)
  6. Meiji Chocolate ( Japanese brand, world brand)
  7. Cadbury chocolate (Great Britain,tiffany jewellery, the world’s largest confectionery companies, with world famous brand)
  8. Rococo ROCOCO chocolate (United States, the world’s brand)
  9. Yee thick chocolate ( well-known brand) 相关的主题文章:

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