Want to Lose Weight? Eat Dark Chocolate!

Guess what? Not all chocolate makes you fat! Eating chocolate and cocoa can actually help you lose weight! Diet companies have habitually added cocoa powder to their weight loss products. Is it because of the taste? Yes and no. Most everyone picks chocolate as their top flavor of choice. Primarily, these diet companies know that cocoa decreases the appetite. The quantity of any amount of food is what makes you fat along with your overall diet and inactivity. A sedentary lifestyle and processed foods are where most obesity problems stem from in the world. The exception is those with diseases such as thyroid problems. The truth is that if you eat white or milk chocolate you will crave the sugar in the chocolate bar after it wears off causing you to eat more. It is the sugar in chocolate that hurts you, not the chocolate itself. Dark chocolate has very little sugar in it and a much smaller portion is more decadent, thus more satisfying. I know people that eat chocolate every single day and they are in great shape. They exercise and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Eat two ounces daily. It is all about balance, leading an active lifestyle, eating a healthy diet and staying informed.

A recent study shows that consuming dark chocolate can change your metabolism! The study was made up of 30 healthy individuals and were classified by the amount of anxiety they felt. The participants in the study were given 40 grams of dark chocolate (74% cocoa content) for two weeks. After that time, not only were the participants showing a higher metabolism, but they also were changing the metabolism of the gut. Those with the highest anxiety showed the most beneficial changes. The stress hormone levels were significantly decreased. So the message seems to be if you’re stressed or want to loss weight you can consider dark chocolate as part of your armoury!

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