Top chocolate picks — diary of a frequent flyer

I’m not a mere chocolate-lover, but a connoisseur who is forever in pursuit of the best dark chocolate.

This March in Mexico, I learned to blend Oaxacan chocolate. Though, for all the hype, I was disappointed by the taste — gritty and earthy from the added almond. I had been hoping for a transcendent experience.

So where in the world have I found the best chocolate? With an over-the-top dessert featuring chocolate gelato, brownies, and truffles, Barcelona was a strong contender. France, for me, is not even the in running. It’s London that boasts my best moments in chocolate…

Rococo Chocolates is quite possibly one of the happiest places on earth! With ganache flavored with jasmine tea, passionfruit and mango, and basil with persian lime, how can one not delight in a trip to this tiny shop on Kings Road?

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