This isn’t just the kind of chocolate I want to eat – It’s the kind I want to be seen eating.

If there were one food that most women say they couldn’t live without it would be chocolate. I can be included in this group.  About five years ago I was introduced toRococo chocolate in London.If you don’t know them then please allow me to introduce you because Rococo represent everything about the way in which chocolate, and it’s production should be, setting a realistic workable and superb example of style, taste and philosophy.

Rococo is chocolate with out compromise. It is fair trade. The plantation where the cocoa beans are grown in Grenada supports the workers giving them a fair shot at life, whilst we here enjoy seriously delicious chocolate that has probably the most stylish presentation and wrappers ever designed, Chantal makes sure the people behind the scenes are treated as they should be.

As I been writing Prepped! I have noticed that around some seriously minded people you sometimes encounter elitist holier than thou attitudes. The sort of thing you see when this is all marketing guff, but with Chantal Coady and the Rococo team that couldn’t be further from the truth. This is the real thing through and through.

Yesterday I met up with Chantal, as she has been kind enough toprovide the chocolate for the Prepped! I had a super meeting then popped downstairs to the kitchen to catch up with the fabulous chocolate master Laurent. As Chantal left for an appointment I stayed to snap the chocolates bars on the counter .. with my camera .. (of course.) A chap walked in and waited at the counter. He was a big issue seller, and I watched. What happened was not what I expected, and I shall review my own prejudices in private later. The lady behind the counter smiled and asked what flavor he fancied today. He asked her to choose for him and she popped a chocolate in a bag. He smiled… and I just had to take a photo. This is Kevin. He is the big issue seller on the street, and Seraphina explained that he pops in every now and again- and a little kindness goes a long way.

This is how chocolate should be. This is what makes life taste good. Right there in front of my eyes the sweetest chocolate in the world is that which is made and given with consideration. Rococo philosophy of what tastes good, and what is right and proper in the world goes hand in hand. This isn’t just the kind of chocolate I want to eat – It’s the kind I want to be seen eating.

via This isn’t just the kind of chocolate I want to eat – It’s the kind I want to be seen eating..

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