The best Drinking Chocolate is made by Rococo – Vanessa Kimbell

If there is one thing that I love about the snow it is the prefect excuse to drink hot chocolate.  The thing about hot chocolate is that it has to be right.  Not too hot, not too cold.  Not too bitter but not too sweet.  As you can tell I am very particular about how it tastes, but I am also particular about it provenance. Organic is just better. The other thing I find about hot chocolate is that when I am out and about and I order one then everyone wants a cup.  It gets expensive.  It’s not that I begrudge a cafe the money, but more often than not it’s not to my taste and then with 5 of us .. it’s jolly expensive for a mediocre cup and a cafe is usually miles away as we live in the countryside!

I found a solution that suits me down to the ground.  A flask! filled to the brim! The best drinking chocolate I have had ever is by Rococo. It’s not cheap as far as drinking chocolates go… but it’s  bargain compared to the price of buying everyone a cup in a cafe  – especially when you consider it’s organic and that the quality is superb. I make up a really large flask before we leave the house and that is exactly what I did today in the snow. It’s perfect for warming little hands that like to throw snowballs ! On the way back the opportunity to take some photo’s for the book’s Orange and Clove Chapter arose as I spotted some mums from nursery picking holly a the side of the road to make wreaths.  It all feels very festive already, and just to polish off the remainder of the hot chocolate you can always ad a drop of brandy for a night cap whilst blogging!

via The best Drinking Chocolate is made by Rococo – Vanessa Kimbell.

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