The Bees Have Arrived

We collected our bees last night, after a very very long wait, from deepest surrey – seems there is a huge run on bees right now…
This is all part of Plan Bee – the co-ops urban beekeeping project with Brian at

So after resting over night in their NUCs (short for nucleus = queen bee + brood + drones and workers – small working colony), the boxes were placed on their stands and allowed to acclimatise, the small hole opened, so that a few bees could do a reccy and report back.

This morning at 7am fellow beekeeper Kate and I unpacked the bees, smoked the bees to calm them down a bit and put them into their new homes, gave them a good feed and have left them to find their way around – they need about a week to do this before we inspect the hives again.

Although its after the summer equinox, the nights are drawing in, and some plants are already setting seed, there is still plenty to forage on, lime trees, catalpas, fennell and other garden flowers.

Welcome bees, and hope you settle in very fast and enjoy your new south london home (kate’s garden in stockwell – thanks Kate!)

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