Rococo’s Great Chocolate Cake Competition!

chocolate cake

Ah, chocolate and cake, two of our favourite things. And yours too, I suspect. Put them together and you have one glorious obsession: the quest for the perfect chocolate cake.

Opinion tends to be strongly divided on what a chocolate cake should be, fluffy and light or moist and heavy, but quite honestly we love them all. Mousse cakes, sponge cakes, brownies, big rich slabs of ganache on delicate bases or even fruit cakes – bring it on!

No, really, bring it on!

Bring your best chocolate cake to our Motcomb St branch (Rococo Chocolates, 5 Motcomb Street, SW1X 8JU) between 10am and 12:00 this Saturday (16th October) for our chocolate cake competition*.

At midday every entry will be tasted by our founder, Chantal Coady, and Laurent Couchaux, head chocolatier and Prof du Choc at Rococo’s Chocolate School. The winner will have their entry posted on our blog and will receive a voucher for a chocolate tasting at Motcomb St.

We have a cafe with a secret garden so you can make a relaxing morning of it, and I’m sure if you ask nicely the staff will let you taste some of our flavoured chocolate bars too!

Email or call Motcomb Street to let them know you’re coming as there are only so many chocolate cakes we can fit in our little shop. Their details are 020 7245 0993 or [email protected].

*This is not just a cunning plan our our part to get loads of chocolate cake. Oh no, we’d never do that…

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