Rococo Organic Dark Chocolate Cardamom Bar

cardoman bar

I utterly adore dark chocolate, and much prefer dark chocolate in this sort of 65% – 75% – unlike the 99% dark chocolate Noir Fini I tried in April. With most dark chocolate the flavour is very similar, you can definitely tell the difference between bog standard dark chocolate and the stuff like Amedei Chuao 70%, but when there's subtle hints of flavours like the NewTree Sexy Ginger Dark Chocolate then it certainly adds to the enjoyment.

Cardamom is a herb from the ginger family and has a slightly curry flavour. How Rococo have managed to balance the chocolate and cardamom flavours is a work of pure genius – they work extremely well together. Each bar costs £3.50 from Waitrose or online at Ocado, but they are worth every penny!
You can also buy it direct from Rococo for £3.95


Taste: 95% – I hate to admit it, but the flavour was almost spot on. In fact I don't know how they could improve upon it.
Texture: 90% – I love crisp “snap” as you either break a bit off with your fingers or bite a chunk off.
Price: 85% – worth every penny, but we always want things cheaper!
Overall: 90% – sensational!

via Chocolate Reviews: Rococo Organic Dark Chocolate With Cardamom Artisan Bar.

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