Rococo Jersey New Potatoes & Fresh Mint


I just love what Rococo do in the world of chocolate. They set themselves apart from the throng of other chocolatiers by creating hugely imaginative chocolate novelties. When I popped into their quaint Motcomb Street shop in Belgravia I was like a kid in a candy store. Well a chocolate-addicted adult in a chocolate shop. Where else would I want to be?

To me chocolate is not only tantalise your taste buds, contribute a wonderful aroma, but they should also be tactile and visually appealing. Rococo, generally satisfies all those requirements. My problem is that whenever I visit their stores, both online and off, I want to buy everything available and take it back home to “play” with. I got that opportunity with these chocolate “Jersey New Potatoes & Fresh Mint”.

When you buy unusual chocolate you can often guess what it’s going to be like. You can tell what the main nature is and what they’re filled with. Not in this case. I bought the chocolate potatoes on appearance and didn’t even look at the ingredients to find out what I was actually buying. On taste, texture and aroma, I wasn’t disappointed.

In the packet you get fifteen or so new-potato looking chocolate creations. It’s quite uncanny how realistic they look – both on the singular and collective level.

But it’s the added detail of the little pieces of crystallised mint leaves that I really wasn’t expecting. They just fell on to the plate with the potatoes and gave them that extra special bit of “wow” factor that often comes as standard with Rococo.

The potatoes are actually made of a white chocolate coating which wraps around a darker chocolate inside with flakes of almond which, in turn, surrounds some fairly dry truffle.

The flavours are fairly sweet, actually taste intoxicating, but have a wonderful edge that is incredibly moreish. I doubt, however, that you’ll aimlessly munch your way through them as you would with some Cadbury’s Mini eggs, as the flavours are of a more expansive nature.

The point of these chocolate new potatoes I would suggest is as of a novelty chocolate gift for the person that thinks they’ve tried it all. They perhaps could say that after they try these.

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