Rococo Hand-Painted Dark Chocolate Egg reviewed

This Hand-Painted Dark Chocolate Easter Egg from Rococo can be easily summed up in two words – tasty and beautiful. If you had to push me for one word it’d have to be exquisite. I showed it to my other half and her words were “oh my God, that’s beautiful, you can’t eat that”. So now I’ve had to just review it eating one half and I’ve got to save the half with the picture of the chick on it to show her mother. Tut.

The thing is, right from the “off” this Easter egg is a delightful experience. It’s safely packaged in a beautiful box, just like the other Rococo Easter egg I've reviewed – its also wrapped in that beautiful paper. But wait until you remove the paper … You’ll have a joyous moment. The picture below really doesn’t do it justice. It something to behold and if you’re buying an Easter egg for someone that loves art or anything unique then you've really got to get them one of these.

The important detail, however, is the flavour. This egg has an outer layer of what looks like its 68% cocoa solids (the label is a bit smudged) and an inner layer of white chocolate which has a minimum of 28% cocoa solids. And I must admit it was gorgeous. Only the threat of being nagged by the other half prevented me from eating the other half.

Easter Eggs Rating: 10/10 – I know that I’ve been going overboard lately. But there have been some excellent Easter eggs come my way this week. This one is superb. I wish it were a bit larger (but that’s because its just so nice). The design is fantastic and the taste and texture exceptional – and you get the ganaches and carres inside it to. Everyone should buy one of these for their wife, girlfriend, aunt, grandmother or whoever this year. And you can from Rococo.

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