Rococo Ganache Menu 2010/2011

Rococo’s ‘prof du choc’  Laurent Couchaux has created a range of 37 ganaches and pralines in the kitchen of their flagship store in Motcomb Street using fresh cream, butter and fine chocolate couvertures. This includes organic chocolate from the Grenada Chocolate Company made from Trinitario beans grown at Rococo’s own Grococo farm.

Rococo likes to use fresh ingredients so their are seasonal ranges which are only available for two months.

The menu above, designed by Chantal Coady shows the delicious range including these flavours:

  1. D Sour Cherry
  2. M ‘P’tit punch’ – Lime & Grenada Rum
  3. D Toasted Coconut
  4. D Almond, Coffee & Cardamom Marzipan
  5. D Madagascar House Truffle
  6. D Rose & Cocoa Nib
  7. D Grenadian & Islay Single Malt Ganache
  8. D Crunchy Hazelnut Praline
  9. M Orange Mango & Passion Fruit
  10. D Pistachio, Hazelnut & Almond Praline
  11. M Popping Champagne Truffle
  12. D ‘Plan Bee’ – London Honey Ganache
  13. D Raspberry Madagascar
  14. D Grenada Dark Ganache
  15. M Plain Milk Chocolate Ganache
  16. M Lime & Sesame
  17. D Rose, Lychee & Raspberry
  18. D Jasmine Green Tea
  19. D Blackcurrant & Violet
  20. M Crushed Lemon Praline
  21. M Anglesey Sea Salt Caramel Ganache
  22. Spring

  23. D Yuzu, Lemon & Ginger
  24. D Arbequina Olive Ganache
  25. M ‘Mara des Bois’ Wild Strawberry Caramel
  26. Summer

  27. M Lemon, Basil & Olive Oil
  28. M Apricot & Almond
  29. D Ceylon Earl Grey Tea
  30. M MaRococo: Pistachio, Saffron & Cardamom
  31. Autumn

  32. D Hazelnut Coffee Praline
  33. M Walnut and Pear
  34. M Fig & Walnut Praline
  35. D Apple Tarte Tatin:
  36. Winter

  37. M Christmas Gianduja, Lemon & Pecan
  38. M Caramelised Pumpkin & Lebküchen Spice
  39. D Quince & Honey
  40. M Lychee, Chestnut & Rum
  41. D Perigord Black Truffe au Truffe!

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