Rococo Chocolates review

Rococo is London’s wittiest chocolate shop. Chantal Coady has a great eye and packs the shop with chocolate treasures from foil-wrapped bumble bees to wild animals, and hand painted chocolate cats. For Valentine’s Day you will be overwhelmed by an excess of hearts. After several years as a chocolatier, Chantal confessed she now prefers ‘simple’ chocolates and her organic ‘artisan’ bar from fits the bill. Made with a 65% cocoa content (which includes cocoa from her own trees in Grenada) and infused with such flavours as Earl Grey tea, thyme, cinnamon or sea salt, they are startlingly original, with their delicate flavours and textures from the flavouring ingredient. She also sells Grand Cru bars from named cocoa beans, and Rococo House bars, including a 100% cocoa solids.

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