Rococo Chocolates House Gift Set Exclusive at Go-British

3 Houses Rococo Chocolates EXCLUSIVE!

How delightful to move to a new home. It is always an exciting shift!

What will you take with you and what will you leave behind?

How will you redecorate and make it your own space?

Decisions, decisions!

Well, if you get stuck for ideas at least on what to give someone for a house warming party or moving in gift, look no further than here.

Rococo Chocolates have done three wonderfully designed miniature houses, each containing a collection of chocolaty treats!

In the orange Rococo House we have the Chicchi de Caffe chocolate coffee beans.

In the purple Rococo House you will find some chocolate dusted scorched almonds and in the blue house, Rococo’s very own chocolate Quails eggs.

Three little houses. One special gift box.

Delight your new neighbor, friend or yourself with these fabulous treats!

via Rococo Chocolates House Gift Set Exclusive at Go-British.

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