Rococo Chocolates at Marylebone High St Fayre

The bunting will be out and the High Street will be closed to traffic this Sunday, 13th June, for the gorgeous annual Marylebone High St Fayre.

Our shop at the top of Marylebone High St (no. 45) will be offering a 10% discount all day to celebrate, so come in for a little nibble. After all, you’ll need something to sustain you for all that hard work wandering around the fair.

They’ve also been hard at work making (and of course testing) special treats for the occasion and will be selling shot glasses of white chocolate fondue with strawberries and dark chocolate fondue with bananas, mmm!

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  • Reply June 10, 2010

    fondue recipe

    I would love to sample that white and dark chocolate fondue! I’m so into it, I am literally trying every single chocolate I can find. The latest I’ve tried is chocolate fondue from the very basic cacao. Oh yes, it’s as raw as you can get. At first I’m apprehensive about it, but it turns out that it’s really good! It has that certain bitter taste but really flavorful in some sense. It’s really hard to explain, perhaps you really have to try it to see for yourself, lol!

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