Rococo Chocolate Supper Monday 11th at Hardy’s

The Love People & Tix - You Got it in Your Hands (The Love People vs. Tix)

Dear Dominique

Just wanted to email and thank you for last night. We both enjoyed ourselves tremendously -the menu was a triumph not merely of Chantal’s design but also your chef’s touch. It is sometimes very difficult to take my lovely non choc obsessed partner Patrick to these events, but the balance of choice on the menu ensured that a hardworking and tired chap was able to enjoy a delicious supper and relax while i dived full tilt into the full chocolate experience.

I actually did get him to try some of the taster chocolate with the wine although at one point he was so enamoured of your side dishes that he was trying to substitute desert for an extra order of mash and green beans (i don’t blame him they were divine). In fact we are both still rhapsodising about each course in every detail please pass on our compliments to all concerned and particularly keep a huge amount for yourself.

all good wishes to all


Creative Director

You Got it in Yr Hands

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