Real hens eggs secrets.

hen breakfast

Someone asked me how we make those real hens eggs stuffed with chocolate praline, and the answer is:- take an egg, cut off the top very carefully (did you expect me to give away the secret method?), empty out the egg for use in a cake or omelette or similar egg based dish, and then sterilise the egg shell… Now I am sure you are not going to bother with all that palaver, and instead come to Rococo and buy your box of eggs.

Now the next question is “how do we serve them?”. It really is quite tricky to peel off the shell from the hard chocolate praline, but we have found the best way to do this – place the egg in an egg cup, with the cut end upwards, peel off the label and place carefully on a tray in a preheated oven. The oven should be as low as possible, around 50C, and then the egg will slowly melt in about 10 minutes and can be served straight from the oven to the table, with grissini, as in our picture above, or slices of toast, brioche or anything else you feel like eating with the scrummy melted chocolate and hazelnut mixture. Truly delicious! PS word of warning, you can use a microwave, but it will probably crack the egg.

Don’t forget we also carry a full rangs of Easter Eggs and Easter Chocolates.

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