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Robert Giorgione writes

I affectionately call Raffaella Baruzzo “La Donna Cioccolata” – you can probably guess what that means. About three years ago, whilst working at Orrery in Marylebone, I was first introduced to her by a colleague. She cut her teeth working for Chantal Coady as Sales Director for Rococo Chocolates. She also went on to work for Galler, another chocolate company, who has a range available at Harrods amongst other places. This year, it was time to cut the apron strings and Raffaella made the brave move to launch her own eponymous brand of chocolates. She is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate people I have ever met, who has chosen to specialise their profession in chocolate. She has a very determined character, charming personality, sharp business brain and goes about everything with such professionalism. Behind those Italian good looks, immaculately-dressed, with an enigmatic smile reminiscent of certain masterpiece by Leonardo, there is a wonderful smart lady. In fact, her attention to detail and relentless efforts she makes with each and every step, sets her apart from her peers. The product of her hard work and artistic genius is the stroke of a genuine maestro and not a fake.

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  • Reply February 18, 2010


    I agree with everything written about Raffaella. I used to work under her supervision and I must say that it was really memorable. It was hard time then at work but it was a perfect situation to make the best of me. I worked so hard and she really transmitted that spirit of work that I really loved from a person in his job. Never take nothing for granted, always try to enhance what you know.wish someday I could work with her again.

  • Reply March 30, 2010


    “La donna cioccolata” is the best definition, it could not be more right.

    The way she is able to illustrate the magic contained in chocolate is outstanding.

    Her sommelier approach and her attention to the smell of food, adds value to the way she communicate and explain chocolate.

    She is a combination of passion, knowledge and style. In other words: she IS chocolate.

  • Reply November 20, 2010

    Robert Giorgione

    Thank you for your wonderful comments. It is indeed a pleasure to have known and to have worked alongside Raffaella Baruzzo for years. I call her “La Donna Cioccolata” because of our mutual respect, freindship and admiration.
    We will be working together in the near future on exciting wine and chocolate events and tastings. Watch this space!
    Twitter @robertgiorgione
    The epicurean odyssey continues…

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