Quail Eggs in Light Blue Rococo House

Quail Eggs in Light Blue Rococo House

Quail Eggs in Light Blue Rococo House

Two days ago I bought a house. As you can see, it’s not a very big house, but with London property prices the way they are, it’s all I could afford. The house in question was purchased at the London Chocolate Festival and conceals nine chocolate praline quail eggs from the ever wonderful Rococo.

I love the packaging of these. Inside the house, the bag containing the eggs is wrapped in beautifully printed tissue paper and almost looks like it might be hiding some upmarket fish and chips. But no, it’s definitely eggs. Beautiful eggs.

If Cadbury Mini Eggs had grown up in the nice part of town and been sent to posh private schools, this is what they’d grow up to look like. Looking just like real quail eggs, they have a beautifully decorated sugar shell – so much nicer than the Lindt Mini Eggs I looked at the other week.

And the inside is much nicer too. Underneath the delicate shell is a thick layer of milk chocolate which is almost indistinguishable from the praline centre. There’s a wonderful combination of textures from the crunch of the shell to the smooth, creamy centre. I almost feel guilty biting into them… but not guilty enough to stop myself.

At £6 for 100g, they aren’t cheap. But they are good value, purely for the joy they’ll bring someone when you present them with a little house of eggs on Easter morning. Highly recommended!

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