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Some of you may have seen or heard about last night’s Panorama programme on BBC1 claiming

much of the chocolate sold in the UK – more than half a million tonnes a year – the BBC found evidence of human trafficking and child slave labour. Panorama also found that there is no guarantee even with chocolate marketed as Fairtrade, that child labour – as defined by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) – has not been involved in the supply chain.

Rococo Chocolates welcomes any increase in awareness about the welfare of cocoa farmers and the meaning of truly fair trade and are committed to the following:

  • Rococo takes the view that the only way to be sure that we are producing a product with no hint of exploitation is to know the provenance of at least all the chocolate and confectionery that is produced in-house. With this in mind, we have been progressively strengthening our ties with the Caribbean island of Grenada and The Grenada Chocolate Company. The organic chocolate produced here ensures a good price for the farmers and good wage for their labourers.
  • Rococo has jointly bought a small cocoa plantation in Grenada on behalf of the Organic Cocoa regeneration Project which is to be managed by and provide raw cocoa for the Grenada Chocolate Company.
  • This will ensure not only the future for organic cocoa and organic cocoa derived employment, but also a significant supply of bulk fine chocolate for Rococo and fine quality Grenada Chocolate Company chocolate bars.

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You can learn more about our history of association with Grenada in this blog here:
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