Offbeat Eats: Chocolate Ecstasy Tour

Rococo works with their own cacao plantation (Grococo) in Grenada to supply their own chocolate, emphasizing the idea that the processing of the chocolate should be be done where it is grown. From these chocolates, Rococo makes quite a few truffles and flavored chocolate bars. The latter of these were what I really enjoyed, since Rococo applies the flavors with a gentle hand, not overpowering the underlying chocolate.

Despite that, they had quite a few interesting pairings, including the now-obligatory sea salt, cardamom, Earl Grey tea, rose, and geranium. They also make miniature bars, which allowed us to try a half-dozen different flavors for only a few quid. Rococo is also where we had a celebrity sighting: Nigella Lawson came in to buy chocolate while we were on the tour.

via Offbeat Eats: Chocolate Ecstasy Tour (Various London, UK locations).

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