My Favourite Chocolate Place

Once my Rococo spree was finished we visited the store’s very special Moroccan inspired garden in the back. How cool is that? Mr P and I drank some hot chocolate and ate these cute little coconut confections that were filled with chocolate (lovely).

This outdoor space is called the Marococo Garden, and I’ve seen it featured in several magazines in the last couple of years, but this was my first time visiting. According the wrapper that my yummy chocolate bar is wrapped in, “the garden has many of the plants which are used as flavours in the bars; rose, jasmine, geranium, mint and lavender.” The tiles in the garden are the inspiration behind the wrappers of their beautiful bars:

Although a visit to London is always loads of fun, there are times, for me, when things are a little too fast paced and congested. There are moments that can seem a bit overwhelming. For that reason, I find these sort of places real gems. And hey, a gem with awesome chocolate… well, that’s about as awesome as it gets LOL.

via UK Chocolate Week and My Favourite Chocolate Place | From Donuts to Delirium.

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