M&S heiress concedes Rococo is on her shopping list.

Elizabeth Sieff

Elizabeth Sieff

Not only did her great-grandfather found M&S, her grandfather, Lord Israel Sieff, was chairman of the chain for many years, so the shop was very much it part of Elizabeth’s upbringing. “we weren’t allowed to eat from anywhere else and underwear was not allowed from anywhere else,” she says. “God forbid, we went to Waitrose – that, would be it…”

Now, living in Belgravia, Waitrose happens to be her local supermarket and she admits she shops there regularly. She lives with her boyfriend Peter Rafferty, whose father coincidentally ran a multiple store in the North of England, selling M&S seconds. “When we were both little, my family from head office was contacting: Peter’s father, saying, ‘Can you stop using all! M&S bags please for your seconds?’ When he told me, I just couldn’t believe it. It was very funny and quite ironic that we ended up together.”

Elizabeth has lived in the area for two years. “I love it,” she says. ‘I’m a massive fan of Motcomb Street. It’s got all those good shops – Rococo, Annick Goutal and Christian Louboutin – and I love Elizabeth Street. Although, I couldn’t live without M&S and I’m not just saying that – it’s great for staple pieces, it has great cashmere and good food.”

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