mrr design finds wedding anniversary gift inspiration

I went to a fun wedding in Maine this weekend and then I was looking through draft posts and look what I found. Rococo is a fabulous chocolate shop. I lived in London for a spell and this delightful spot was just down the road – I was a student at the time and on a limited budget. Lucky for me the dollar was trading at a very favorable rate! but I still limited myself to 3 truffles at a time. Wish I remembered this post earlier. I could have brought a chocolate bar for my lovely aunt brenda, mother of the groom, who looked beautiful. The bride was a beauty too! I know Brenda would have loved a rose-flavored chocolate bar. My mother would have loved a Gift Set of 3 Rococo Floral Bars too, especially today because today would have been her 57th wedding anniversary.

via mrr design.

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