Motcomb Street has baby blackbirds

Baby Blackbird

Baby Blackbird

So last year we had two baby black birds and this year another two. They seem to love the rarified atmostphere of Motcomb St: a cat, dog and fox-free zone in one of the chicest areas in London.

This one popped out of the undergrowth when I was watering the garden yesterday and has been sitting all day on the table, with mum coming to offer tit-bits – the tail feathers seem to be undeveloped, although it can fly short distances, like into the next door garden, where I think the family nest must be hidden.

Other regular visitors this year Mr & Mrs Greenfinch, who are always starving, and unashamed to be watched troughing the black sunflower seeds from the feeder, the Robin family, who I think have also had a baby, and the blue tits and coal tits. We don’t like to talk about the wood pigeons, who are waiting to made into a pie.

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