Morbidly obese man loses 200lbs on chocolate diet

Super slimmer Peter Ajello has achieved every dieter’s dream, after he managed to lose over 15 stone eating chocolate. But his sweet tooth made giving up cakes and ice-cream difficult, so he turned to an unconventional slimming tool – dark chocolate.

Peter immediately cut all junk food and alcohol out of his diet. But every time his will power started to fade he would treat himself to a small square of rich, dark chocolate – just enough to satisfy his sweet cravings. The only sugary treat he allowed himself was small squares of TRU chocolate – which he says helped him overcome his sweet cravings.

Since January, Peter has continued on his chocolate diet – and has lost a further four stone. Peter, who is currently writing a book about his amazing weight loss, said: ‘If someone had told me two years ago that I would weigh 14 stone now, I would have laughed in their face. ‘And if they’d said I would weigh 14 stone and still be eating chocolate, I would have laughed even harder.

‘The chocolate saved my life. I would have never managed to stick to the diet without it – I would have caved. ‘I hope that my story will show other dieters out there that anyone can lose weight – if I can do it, they can too.’

via Morbidly obese man loses 200lbs on chocolate diet | Mail Online.

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