Meandering the streets of London with Chocolate Ecstasy Tours

Rococo Chocolates Marococo Secret Garden

After admiring the architecture of the area and the grandeur of Harrods we were lead to our second destination, Rococo‘s beautiful shop on Motcomb Street; I would strongly advise feeling brave enough to go in search of Rococo’s decadent Marococo garden, preferably with a good book and mug of hot chocolate.  We were seated at our own table where Sally talked us through how chocolate is made from bean to bar, with beautiful images from Rococo’s Grococo book, which illustrates the bean to bar process used by the Grenada Chocolate Company.  Sally also lead a tasting session, guiding the group through tasting chocolate using our senses, before letting us loose on Rococo’s impressive range of flavoured bars including chill, cardamon, basil and jasmine.  If we hadn’t quite yet had our fill we were treated to samples of fresh chocolates created by Rococo’s in-house chocolatier, Laurent Couchaux, including a beautiful milk chocolate and apricot pate de fruit.

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