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These award winning, luxury, organic chocolates are impeccably packaged making each bar an occasion in itself. The packaging design and consistency of eating quality have become Rococo’s signature. Furthermore, the ingredients have been carefully sourced and developed to ensure the communities they come from also benefit from the sales of the end product.

  • Dark Chocolate Organic Chilli Pepper bar: Chili and chocolate is a killer combination. Individually wrapped, just beautiful.
  • Dark Chocolate Organic Earl Grey Tea bar: Scented chocolate recipe, containing ground Earl Grey tea as well as bergamot.
  • Dark Chocolate Organic Lavender bar: Lavender scented organic dark chocolate artisan bar with 65% cocoa solids
  • Milk Chocolate Organic Rose bar: Rose scented organic milk chocolate with 37% cocoa solids. A luxury chocolate recipe which is intense, balanced, and long-lasting, with strong floral notes.
  • Milk Chocolate Organic Sea Salt bar: Sea salt organic milk chocolate with 37% cocoa solids. Creamy, rich, smooth and delicate luxury chocolate recipe. The salt brings out a slight fruity and flowery edge in the chocolate. Who knew sea salt could complement confectionery so well?

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