Luxury Chocolate Brands Thrive in Recession

Not all companies can survive though. Glasgow-based luxury maker Kshocolat went bust in 2010 as the firm encountered cash flow problems due to the impact of the recession on consumer spending. Even so, the brand was bought out by Bon Bon Buddies, a novelty children’s maker, showing the strength in the market for premium chocolate in the UK and Europe. The story does show that gourmet brands must have a high degree of accessibility to survive.

Perhaps this is why companies like Rococo Chocolates have flourished. The Chelsea based firm was founded by Chantal Coady, who believes that chocolate should be “honest and not pompous”. Coady has fought for the success of fine chocolate in a sector which up until the last decade had been dominated by sugar-filled multi national groups within the UK. The company was awarded the prize for “Changing The Way People Think About Chocolate” by the Academy of Chocolate in 2008.

The popularity of Chocolate Week and the latest research shows that luxury chocolate is thriving. It remains to be seen whether the global shortage of cocoa will impact on future sales.

via Chocolate Week 2010.

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