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Dusted Scorched Almonds

Dusted Scorched Almonds

I’m not one to order the chocolate cake for dessert. I’m never one to binge on an entire chocolate bar at the 3pm mark at the office. I enjoy a Ferrero Rocher once in a while but it doesn’t send me to the moon. But these are different, she said. Cross my heart, she promised me, once you go Rococo, you never go back. She stared at me, wide-eyed and concerned, as if I were a leper, or missing out on one of life’s most heavenly gifts. Perhaps I was.

I walked into the shop with low expectations and no appetite at all, after scarfing down a copious brunch at the diner next door, and walking around all morning in 30 degree heat emanating from the city pavement. But all I had to do was open my eyes to the edible jewels around me, clear my nostrils and breathe in the lovely scent of rich cocoa, surrounding me left, right, and center and I was won over. Chocolates of all kinds found their way into my shopping basket, through no fault of my own; my friend is still in the doghouse for converting me to chocolateism; praline, hazelnut and gianduja; white, milk and dark; rich, light and crunchy, they just kept on creeping up on me.

And then it hit me. Wait a minute, could it be? I like chocolate!? And not any kind of chocolate. Not only is the packaging most delightful and authentic, but the quality is something to write home about. I even purchased an armful of bags of Unsweetened Scorched Almonds as gifts for future hosts, just because they are by far the most scrumpscious drops of low calorie heaven I have ever tasted and I think everyone I know should experience the same kind of joy I felt when biting into one of these. So now, you can have have your chocolate, and eat it too, and not have to worry about those hips. It’s a win, win, win!

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