FT’s “How to Spend It” discovers our Grenada Bars

FT: How to Spend It

FT: How to Spend It

The Aesthete: Gordon Campbell Gray, Part One June 29 2010
by Maria Shollenbarger, Laurence Cendrowicz

My personal style signifier is my 22-year old Hermes jacket, which has been patched, had its frayed cuffs trimmed with velvet and then re-patched. In fact, I have recently resorted to using dark blue marker pens to cover the white showing around the buttonholes. But it is still a beautiful jacket.

The last thing I bought and loved was the best imaginable organic chocolate from a company called The Grenada Chocolate Company. I was on the island recently and was able to visit the factory. It’s all-natural, made with Trinitario cocoa beans – mine was 71 per cent cacao – and has that unique, sharp taste of true, bold chocolate.

The Grenada Chocolate Company – a ‘tree-to-bar’ co-operative – produce all their own rare organic Trinitario cocoa beans on small estates on the tiny Caribbean island of Grenada. You can buy this dark chocolate bar from our online store here.

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