From todays chocolate making session at Motcomb Street kitchen

Please click the images to enlarge – they’re really big so please be patient:

Chantal loaded up the mini chocolate making machine with a batch of Grenada nibs from the Grococo farm (Rococo and Grenada Chocolate Co joint venture) with some cocoa butter and a little sugar and started the grinding process – soon a paste like peanut butter was formed, then it became really smooth and chocolatey, see pics above, and wafts of chocolate filled the shop.

Loads of curious visitors got to touch and smell the raw cocoa pods, the beans (unroasted) which smell of the acetic acid from the fermentation process, to the cocoa butter and cocoa nibs, used in the recipe. They they got to taste a spoonful of the freshly made chocolate. It is equally fascinating to kids and adults.

Chantal also talked through the whole process of Tree to Bar and how in Grenada it takes a whole village to make a bar of chocolate, with their unique model of chocolate making, they add value to the cocoa all the way through to finished chocolate bars, providing many jobs in Hermitage.

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