Ruby Cocoa is the name of his line of chocolates. There are only six varieties at the moment, but they'll bring you to your knees. Ginger Marzipan, Chocolate Caramel, Cinnamon, Chili, Lemon Thyme and Fresh Mint. We tried two and they were fabulous. Fresh mint that he grows is infused into a dark chocolate ganache and covered in a rich chocolate coating – it screamed fresh and melted in my mouth. The other was the Chocolate Caramel. He told me it was made with amber caramel that was blended with milk and dark chocolate ganache, infused with pure vanilla bean and a touch of Maldon sea salt. It was rich, creamy and the salt added an interesting element. I almost wanted to grab the tray and make a run for it, but realized he already had my business card.

While apprenticing at Stubbe’s, Declan also worked as a pastry chef at Les Fougeres restaurant in Chelsea, Quebec, and also at the Chelsea Bakery. His free time was spent poring over chocolate books. Deciding that he had to discover the best chocolate first hand, Declan headed to Europe to seek out the finest chocolates in Belgium. He also accepted a stage at the prestigious Rococo Chocolates in London.


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