FaceBook Poetry Competition Finalists Announced

Here’s our pick of the ‘Top ten’ submissions placed in no particular order. There were 23 entries in total. The winner will be announced very shortly 🙂

Pretty high standard of entry I’d say – enjoy!

1. Yasmin Selena

Violet, Jasmine and Rose
Names of beautiful girls
You’ve encased them in exquisite wrappers
With sensual waves and colour
That adorn the body –
of a bar
Inspired by the whole wide world

Burnt orange Arabic spices compete with –
Crisp Moroccan Mint
I chose a sweet, subtle pink
I’ll hold you in my hand my Rose Otto
Turn you over and over
Smell you from the outside
Before I open you up
And take you in…

2. Julia Savage

A chocolate bar laced with Earl Grey
Is a crazy idea, you might say,
But, like Arabic Spices,
It really quite nice is–
Delicious at all times of day.

The wonders of chocolate with Rose
Just can’t be propounded through prose.
The same goes for Chilli,
Which sounds rather silly,
But it’s so good it’s the one I last chose!

3. Nicky Russell

There once was a Choc called Plus Noir
We d eat it most every Ce Soir
Its dark rich delight
Kept us up late at night
Cos we prefer a cocoa to a char ♥

4. Hel Jones

A chocolate lovers dream
Rococo Chocolate rules supreme
A world tour of tastes, that are sublime
Persian, Moroccan, Arabic, so fine
As the nights draw in, I like nothing more
To settle down, lock the door
Close the curtains and light the fire
and eat chocolate to my heart’s desire!

5. Simon Michalak

You could visit London for Rococo treats
Or order online without leaving your seats.
Be it milk dark or white they have something to please,
With flowers and spices and bars that help bees.

There are exotic spices, fruits, herbs and more.
Rose, violet and jasmine if flowers you adore.
Salty or tangy, exotic and rare,
teas, nuts and ginger, or chocolate ‘laid bare’.

Gift boxes and bags with distinct retro style,
or potatoes and goldfish to make your friends smile.
You could spend a whole morning involved in perusing
Indeed the real challenge is finally choosing!

6. Tessa Naghton

When it comes to chocolate I’m one of those fanatics,
I seek out the rare and exotic aromatics.
Rococo make chocolate with rare beans and scents,
The taste is delicious and really intense.
This artisan chocolate has come very far,
With fair trade in mind, from tree to bar.
The perfume of lavender is such a delight,
It’s texture is perfect in snap and in bite.
The senses are drawn out one at a time,
First with sight, then with smell and then taste; all sublime.
The package invites me to such a real treat,
Of organic chocolate the others can’t beat.
As a theobromine addict I’m a connoisseur,
The food of the gods is Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh.

7. Allie D’Souza

I dream of Rococo chocolate, everyday
On a Basil & Persian Lime I fly away
Through clouds of fluffy 65% Cocoa
Over a Chilli Pepper river, like the Orinoco

I see huge mountains of Cardamom and brownie
Chocolate Blanc snow peaks, so soft and downy
A Caramelised Almond Volcano out of which Earl Grey seeps
A Cinnamon pony, in a field of Lavender it sleeps

I see people and houses made of Raspberry and praline
Rose Otto trees and truffle swans, so serene
Then I set eyes on the Crystallised Ginger-man of my dreams
My Moroccan Mint heart beats faster, as he sees me and beams

And then I see a Morello Cherry girl beside him
Her Plus Noir Que Noir tresses entwined with Jasmine
Huge Sea Salt tears well up in my eyes
And I turn to stare at the Orange Confite sunrise

For him I would have given Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh
The choicest Arabic Spices, of which I’m a connoisseur
I would have travelled from Timbuktu to Grenada
Sailed over the oceans, like the spanish armada

These vivid dreams & feelings embrace me because
A bar of Rococo being the probable cause
Its indulgent intensity, my tastebuds excite
And lusciously, I am consumed with delight

From a land called Grococo, that is so very far
A whole village nurtures chocolate, from tree to bar
A fascinating process filled with love and care
And a proven passion, even after Emily’s destruction & despair

Rococo fairtrade chocolates are superior, to be sure
Teasing your senses in a way so decadent, yet pure
For a perfect time-out, when you’re stressed and uptight
Have a Rococo dream moment – Go on, have a bite!

8. Steve Grant

The packaging from 17th century chocolate molds,
Shows great effort in bringing you a delight.
I wonder what the lavender holds,
Is it fragrant and special and perfectly light?
From tree to bar,
The spices travel far.
I love the different blends,
Like Cardamom with it’s woody tones,
Or Floral rose and it soft aroma.
The choice is hard to make,
I’m tempted by the Jasmine oil,
That permeates that chocolate dark
That crafted mold has left its mark.
But in the end it’s all about the flavour,
Rococo is the one to savour.

9. Gemma Hewson Ode to Rococo!

Cheap confectionary once held sway,
Few rivals could ever topple it,
Then in ’83 along came ‘Rococo’,
The wonderful artisan chocolate,

Using the finest natural ingredients,
Sourced from near and far,
It wasn’t long before I bade,
Its rivals an ‘Au revoir’!

I’d discovered ‘real’ chocolate,
So smooth, tempting & dreamy,
Whether dark, milk or white,
Whether bitter, rich or creamy,

So many intriguing varieties,
Exciting flavours to explore,
Violet, Jasmine, Mint and Rose,
Cinnamon, ginger and more!

But I ♥ Basil & Persian Lime,
Rich, complex & dramatic,
A unique flavour combination,
Both heady & aromatic! x

10. Gina Lewis

Artisan chocolate
Full of flair,
Sumptuous flavours
Beyond compare,
Soft, sensual
Fondant Creams,
So easily
The stuff of dreams,
Fragrant, exotic
Turkish Delight,
Taste the east
In every bite,
Heavenly Truffles,
Smooth Ganache,
Decadent treats
Full of panache,
Chocolate with
A hint of spice,
Oh so good,
Never a vice,
Drinking chocolate
Smooth & creamy,
A winter warmer
Oh so dreamy,
Fragrant Florals,
Each sublime,
Try sensational
‘Basil & Lime’,
Luxe chocolates
For delectation,
An edible gift
For every occasion,
A chocolate-lover’s
Guilty pleasure,
Go, fill your cupboards,
With Rococo’s treasure!

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