Deer du Bois: A ROCOCO CHRISTMAS! – chocolates and music

Miss Coady, a Textile Design graduate at the Camberwell School of Art & Crafts in 1981, completes a MSC Small Business Course to find herself, baring her tasty and almost lethal passion for chocolate, to open a shop at King’s Road, Chelsea in London, in the believe that there was room in London for a different approach to chocolate. And right she was! After well-settled precedents as France’s Ladurée, she went with an almost royal retro approach towards presentation and packaging as well as new and forgotten tastes in chocolate!

Today 3 tasty shops in London bring to you the luscious and luxurious packed goodies from the Rococo kingdom.

Also the collaboration between Rococo and  the Grenada Chocolate Company is more than worth mentioning. After the devastation of hurricane Ivan and Emily the island of Grenada had suffered great cocoa loses, but this was about to change due to the right investments. Around 2007 a small cocoa-farm was purchased on the Grenada isle and was called GROCOCO.  This land delivered the cocoa to produce the “ethical” chocolate that resulted in the Rococo Organic House Blend.

via Deer du Bois: A ROCOCO CHRISTMAS! – chocolates and music.

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  • Reply January 4, 2011

    Geert Vercruysse

    For some months now I’m selling the chocolates from Grenada Company and I’m really satisfied, my next goal is making pralines with there couverture. In february I’m visiting Londen hope to see you Chantal Coady so you share me some of your passion about your chocolates I would like to sell in my shop if possible.

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