Rolo Easter Eggs – Cheap as Chips, But Not As Tasty

naff rolo egg

We go from the sublime to the naff. I last reviewed the Rolo Easter Egg a couple of years ago and it essentially hasn’t changed. The Rolos are the same, and so is the thin, bland and totally uninteresting chocolate egg.

I know I shouldn’t be overly critical of this £2 egg. It does exactly what its supposed to. The whole purpose of this egg is to give your nieces and nephews that you don’t like something at Easter. Why do I say that? Well you can get far better Easter eggs from Hotel Chocolat or Thorntons or some hugely imaginative ones from Rococo Chocolates that would give a whole load more satisfaction than this egg. I’m sorry.

via Chocolate Reviews: Rolo Easter Eggs – Cheap as Chips, But Not As Tasty.

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