Blindfolded Chocolate Tasting This Thursday

chocolate bars
How much attention do you pay to what you put in your mouth? Most of the time very little. We snatch pieces of toast on the way out of the door, chomp down whatever happens to be to hand for lunch (often while reading the paper or working) and eat in front of the television in the evening.

Where’s the fun in that?

Food, and chocolate in particular, is about pleasure just as much as keeping the body going. Eating a good piece of chocolate should be a multi-sensory experience and with no vision – and no distractions from the outside world – you have the chance to really focus on your other senses. Discovering unexpected nuances of flavour allows you to enjoy chocolate on a new, deeper level, and we’re sure there will be plenty of comedy value in trying to eat blindfolded too!

Taste and smell are intimately linked and smell plays a powerful role in memory formation. Years after an event the smallest waft of fragrance can even take us back in time and make us feel we are reliving that experience. Many of our Artisan bars come from the way Chantal’s memories are anchored to certain flavours and her desire to recreate the warm feelings associated with those experiences: a sea salt milk chocolate bar was inspired by eating ice cream on a Cornish beach with salt from the sea on her lips, while the the basil and Persian lime bar evokes memories of a childhood spent in Teheran.

Everybody builds memories linked to senses… what will blindfolded tasting mean to you?

Booking is essential for this session, which costs £15 a head and includes a goody bag of chocolates to take away. Please book by contacting the shop on 020 9735 7780 or [email protected].

  • Date: Thursday 16th October 2010
  • Time: 18:00-18:45
  • Location: R0coco Chocolates, 45 Marylebone High Street, London W1u 5HG.
  • Cost: £15 including goody bag

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